Strategic Plan

Letter from Director
I want to thank everyone involved with our CCLS Strategic Planning effort including: members of the public, our Chester County Commissioners (and other government leaders), Library Board members, Library staff and our consultant, Jason Alexander of Capacity for Change, for all of the time, dedication, energy and thoughtfulness that they put into planning for our future. Please take a moment to look at the plan.

It's only with everyone's support and input that we have developed an outstanding forward-looking Strategic Plan that will lead to our sustainable success! It truly is our strength in numbers that will enable us to be a nationally recognized library system providing opportunities for all county residents to contribute to healthy, safe and economically vibrant communities throughout Chester County.

Joseph L. Sherwood
Executive Director
July 15, 2014

Planning Documents

National Surveys & Assessments
During our strategic planning process we took part in 2 additional national surveys and assessments that informed our planning process. Following are the analysis of those efforts:
Operational Plan
Our current operational plan as we transition between Strategic Plans:
Previous Strategic Plans
Previous CCLS Strategic Plans and reports: