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  • Better Business Bureau: Use this site to check the reliability of companies and charities. There is also a section on Consumer Tips provides information on cars, charities, the Internet, finance, health, and scams. The local BBB is the BBB of Eastern PA
  • This site is produced by the U.S. Government. Find consumer information in the following areas: food, product safety, health, home & community, money, transportation, children, careers & education, and technology.
  • Consumer Information from the Federal Trade Commission: Find reports with advice on avoiding consumer scams. Topics covered include automobiles, credit, diet/health, identity theft, investments, privacy and telemarketing.
  • Consumers Union: Consumers Union is the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports. This site contains consumer tips as well as the current campaigns and projects of Consumers Union.
  • Consumer World: Large directory of consumer-related websites and articles.
  • Corporate Consumer Contacts: This site from the Federal Citizen Information Center lists consumer affairs departments for over 650 companies. Each entry includes address, phone number, email and website addresses where available.
  • What you need to know about digital TV transition
  • Federal Citizen Information Center: Clearinghouse for consumer information publications from the U.S. Government. Find consumer resources by topic and access the Consumer Information Catalog and the Consumer Action Website from this site.
  • Gethuman Database: This searchable site gives you steps to bypass automated customer service phone systems to help you reach a human faster. Search by company, get the phone number for customer service and the code to reach a human faster.
  • Household Products Database: Find information on household products including potential health effects and product safety. Search by product category or name.
  • National Do Not Call Registry
  • Social Security Administration: The SSA has developed an incredibly useful website. Make this the first place to look for social security information.
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  • PA Do Not Call List
  • PA Office of Consumer Advocate: Find PA specific consumer information in the following areas:
    electricity, natural gas, telephone, and water.
  • Utility Choice: Learn how to choose the best provider of electricity, natural gas, and telephone service.
  • PA Office of Attorney General: Look at the Consumer Alert section for information regarding various scams and recalls. There is also a Public Education section for articles on becoming an informed consumer.
  • BBB of Eastern PA: Use Obtain a Report to find BBB-produced reliability reports on both member and non-member companies.
  • PA Insurance Department: Click on Consumer Services to research insurance companies licensed to operate in PA, view and compare rates, and view enforcement reports.
  • Hospital Performance Report from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council: Find a hospital performance report on selected procedures and treatments in PA. The PA Health Care Cost Containment Council is an independent state agency formed to investigate rising health care costs.
  • Bureau of Charitable Organizations: Search for information on a charity. The Bureau of Charitable Organizations maintains information on charities licensed to solicit in PA.
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  • Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs: Published by Consumers Union, publishers of Consumer Reports, this website is designed to help consumers and doctors make informed decisions about prescription drugs. A new drug report will be added each month.
  • Health from Find consumer health information in the following areas: aging/elder care, buying smart, choosing health care, diet and weight control, disease, drugs, exercise and fitness, insurance, mental health, nutrition, smoking/tobacco information, and women’s health.
  • Traveler’s Health from the CDC: Keep your trip a healthy one. Find health information for specific destinations (including recommended vaccinations), information on disease outbreaks, information on safe eating, traveling with children, special needs travelers, and cruise ships and air travel.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Find consumer health information from the CDC. It includes information on birth defects, disabilities, diseases and conditions, emergency preparedness, environmental health, and vaccines and immunizations.
  • Hospital Performance Report from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council: Find a hospital performance report on selected procedures and treatments in PA.
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  • Find recall information on consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics, and environmental products. There is also a quick link for recent recalls.
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: Find recalls and product safety information. Search by date, product type, or product category.
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  • Charity Navigator: Find ratings for over 3,500 charities. Charity Navigator is a non-profit organization.
  • from the BBB Wise: Find reports on national charities judged on the Better Business Bureau’s charity standards.
  • Bureau of Charitable Organizations: Search for information on a charity. The Bureau of Charitable Organizations maintains information on charities licensed to solicit in PA.
  • Guidestar: Guidestar provides information on non-profit organizations. A basic report is free; a more detailed report is available with a subscription to the site.
  • American Institute of Philanthropy: The AIP is a "charity watchdog service.” Their "Charity Rating Guide and Watchdog Report” is available upon request. A list of their top-rated charities is available on the site.
  • A highlight of this site is the "JustGive Guide,” a list of 1000 charities arranged by
  • category. Charities listed in the "JustGive Guide” have met specific JustGive criteria.
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  • Shop: The Credit Card You Pick Can Save You Money: This brochure written by the Federal Reserve Board explains how to choose a credit card.
  • FXConverter from The Foreign Exchange Currency Converter finds exchange rates for 164 currencies.
  • Find rates on a variety of loans including mortgages and auto loans.
  • A U.S. Government website focused on educating consumers about personal finance. Find helpful articles on topics such as budgeting, credit, financial planning, home ownership, retirement planning, and savings.
  • Martindale’s Calculators online Center: Find over 19,000 online calculators in a variety of categories including science, math, calendars, cooking, currency conversion, gratuities, and personal finance (including mortgage calculators).
  • The Simple Dollar: The big idea behind is to help people make truly better decisions by clearly laying out their options with content topics spearheaded by leading industry professionals. Because of their unbiased approach, they’ve been a trusted source for government entities and organizations throughout the US.
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  • Homefair: Find various calculators to compare cost of living, cities, and salaries on this site. Also, find information on moving.
  • Homestore: Find homes, apartments, and senior housing. Also use Homestore’s city and neighborhood comparison tools.
  • Find information on moving, realtors, insurance, and storage. Under the category Real Estate, find city profile, city comparison, and salary comparison tools.
  • Sperling’s Best Places: Compare cities, neighborhoods, schools, cost of living, crime rates and climates.
  • Best Places to Live from Money Magazine: Search through Money Magazine’s database from its annual Best Places to Live feature.
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Credit Reports
  • Your Access to Free Credit Reports: An amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires the national credit bureaus to provide consumers with a free copy of their credit report once every 12 months.
  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion
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Identity Theft
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