Posted on: January 27, 2017

Chester Springs Awarded Cognizant Making the Future Grant

CS Library

The Chester Springs Library@ Historic Yellow Springs is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Cognizant: Making the Future grant from Cognizant Technology Solutions in Teaneck, NJ. The grant will allow the Library to create a MakerStudio, which will focus on robotics and non-soldering electronics. The MakerStudio activities for students in 5th through 12th grades that are planned for 2017 include VEX Robotics, Hummingbird Robotics, Circuit Scribe, Arduino and e-textile projects. Programs during the school year will be held as after-school programs. During the summer the Library will run five, 2-week technology camps. Instructors will guide and support the children over the course of the program.

Cognizant’s Making the Future education initiative seeks to inspire young learners to pursue science, technology, engineering and math disciplines by creating fun, hands-on learning opportunities.

Making the Future draws inspiration from the Maker Movement, a broad-based community that celebrates the art of designing and building really cool things, either doing it yourself (DIY) or with others (DIWO). Makers are driven by the challenge of the projects they tackle, while also engaging in design- and project-based learning that can nurture creativity and develop proficiency in the STEM and arts disciplines (STEAM).

The Afterschool and Summer Program is the flagship Making the Future initiative, designed in conjunction with the New York Hall of Science and the Maker Education Initiative. Community-based organizations, such as child-serving organizations, libraries, and museums will run the programs nationwide.

This grant funding will allow the Chester Springs Library to offer after-school and summer technology programs based on robotics and non-soldering electronics projects, beginning in late February 2017. For more information, please check the library website: www.chesterspringslibrary.org.

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