WiFi @ Your Library

The Chester County Library System offers FREE wireless Internet access to the public for use with personal laptops and other mobile devices.

Be aware that:
Wireless FAQs
What do I need to access the wireless connection?
To access the Library's wireless network, you need laptop computer or PDA with a wireless network card/device that supports the 802.11b/g/n protocol.

Due to the variety of software and hardware combinations, plus liability concerns, CCLS staff is not permitted to configure users’ personal computing devices. Library staff cannot assist you in making changes to the device's network settings or hardware configuration.


How do I connect?

In most cases, you should be able to connect by simply scanning for the network "Library" and opening up a browser to start surfing. Details on configuring or troubleshoot your wireless connection, you will need to refer to your device's documentation.


Can I print from the wireless connection?

Wireless printing is available at some libraries, please ask staff if this option is available to you. 


Is the wireless connection secured?

Wireless communications are not secure. Informed, cautious wireless users will avoid transmitting credit card or other sensitive personal information through wireless connections. All users of wireless should have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices to assist in protecting them from harm.


Can I access the Library's catalog and electronic databases through a wireless connection?

Yes, access to both the Library catalog and electronic databases are available by clicking here.


What if I have problems? Can Library staff assist?

Library staff cannot provide any technical assistance in configuring you portable device or troubleshooting wireless access problems. There is no guarantee that your wireless device will work with the network.


The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety or security of a patron's personal equipment resulting from the connection to the Library's wireless service.


Last Modified: 7/17/14