Industry Research

Finding Associations
Trade and professional associations are often good sources for information about an industry. These directories contain lists of associations with web pages. See How Do I: Find an Association for Industry Research for more information.
Associations on the Net from Internet Public Library

ASAE & the Center of Association Leadership from American Society of Association Executives
Use these resources to find overviews and magazine/newspaper articles on industries. 
Industry Resources Report from Valuation Resources
Another compilation of industry resources; arranged by SIC Code.
Industry Centerfrom Yahoo
Guide to news and events in specific industries; includes news, press releases, research reports, market summary, events calendar, top ten companies, industry profiles, and industry buzz.
Industry Profiles from the International Trade Data System of the Federal Government
Compilation of industry resources arranged by type.
List of Lists
Hosted by, Price's List of Lists contains lists of rankings for a variety of industries. Most of these lists are available at no charge. Be sure to look around at the web site for a list to find other useful information.

Economic Census
Conducted every five years, the Economic Census provides statistical information on business from the national to the local level. Search by NAICS code to find data on industries. Click here for the complete Economic Census 2002 Data.
2007 Economic Census Industry Series Reports
Industry reports from the 2007 Economic Census.
Current Industrial Report from the Census Bureau
Choose CIR by subject and choose appropriate industry. Contains statistics on production and shipments of certain products. from Dun and Bradstreet
This site requires free registration. Once registered, click on Industry Reports. Follow the prompts to generate the reports. There are a number of reports available including market size, market analysis by size, market analysis by state, market analysis by metro area, and market analysis by specialty.

NAICS/SIC Code Lookup
Use this page to determine the SIC code or NAICS code for a business type or to convert an SIC code to a NAICS code or vice versa. To Find a Code: Type a keyword in the Enter a Search Keyword Box and click NAICS Search. An Index entry page will be returned with a NAICS code. Clicking on the NAICS code will bring up a definition that will include the corresponding SIC code.

NAICS Code Lookup


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