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Having problems accessing a database from home?

Try these suggestions before contacting
a Chester County Library System library.

Check to make sure you are accessing the databases through the Chester County Library System website or the Chester County Library Business Information Connection.

These databases are licensed for use through the Chester County Library System or the POWER Library (via the Chester County Library System website). If you go directly to a database's web address (URL), it will not recognize that you are a Chester County Library System library user.

Check that you have entered all 14 digits from your Chester County Library System library card without any spaces.
A valid Chester County Library System library card is required to use all databases from home. Be sure to enter all 14 digits without any spaces. The number is located on the barcode sticker.
Check to make sure you are using a compatible browser.
If you are using AOL, minimize the AOL browser and use Internet Explorer. Check the list of browsers that the POWER Library supports here.

Check that cookies are enabled on your web browser.
Cookies are commonly used for communication between a database and a computer. If cookies are disabled or blocked, the database cannot verify access. For information on configuring a browser to use cookies, please refer to this POWER Library support page.

Check that a firewall or other security software is not blocking access.

Databases use special communication methods to verify access, and firewalls often block these methods. Disable firewalls or configure them to allow communication from databases. Specific configuration instructions for Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall can be found on this POWER Library support page.

If you are unable to view documents in a database, you may need a plug-in.

Databases may present information that requires a specific program to view the information. These programs are usually developed to work within a browser and are called plug-ins. When a browser recognizes that it needs a particular program to view the information, it will display a message asking to load a plug-in. Follow the directions and the information should appear. This POWER Library support page lists some commonly used plug-ins (look near the bottom of the page).

If these steps do not solve your access problem, please send an email to or call 610-280-2620. You can click here to download this information as a PDF.

Last Modified: 10/7/08

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