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This is the most comprehensive language site on the Web. It has numerous English dictionaries and thesauruses and over 280 dictionaries of foreign languages. There are specialty dictionaries like medical and legal, multilingual, crossword, reverse and rhyming dictionaries. There are glossaries, antonyms and synonyms, information about courses and about linguistic research.
And more..

One Look Dictionaries
This site has definitions and translations. If you misspell the word you're
looking up, a list of possible correct spellings appears.

Consult bi-lingual dictionaries in French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish. Read about language, linguistics, semantics, etc. in many of the dictionaries.
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Download free fonts for foreign languages from this site.

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Learn a Language
Online Language Courses
Free online lessons in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish may be found here. Type the language's name in the search box. No audio content.

BBC World Service
Some free lessons in forty languages from Albanian to Urdu. Click Radio>languages to link to BBC broadcasts in forty languages.

FSI Language Courses
From the US Department of State's Foreign Service Institute, free language instruction, both written and audio in more than 25 languages.
Mango Languages (without a library card)
Try a free ten minute language lesson.
Mango Languages with a library card.
This is the full product brought to you by the Chester County Library System.  Mango is the fast, easy, and most effective way to learn to speak a foreign language. 

Radio Lingua Network
Enjoyable online or podcast lessons mainly for beginners.
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International Phonetic Association
See the International Phonetic Alphabet, the symbols that represent all the sounds of the world's languages.

Wikipedia - International Phonetic Alphabet
Learn about the symbols that represent the sounds of speech.

Peter Ladefoged A Course in Phonetics
Hear the sound for each phonetic symbol.

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A collection of phrases in many different languages with sound files for some of them.


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Google Translate
Translate a block of text, a web page or a document.
SDL Free Professional Translation
This site translates up to 1000 characters. It's easy to enter special characters. It translates Web pages.
Enter a sample. Click "Identify" 102 languages are supported.
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Web Directories
ipl2 Languages
Find over 500 high quality sites on all aspects of language.
Open Directory Project
Search languages or a particular language to see articles and lessons by volunteer contributors. Ex. Czech language, Greek language lessons

Yahoo Search Directory
Search languages in the directory to see recommended Web sites.

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Who Speaks What?
Read about each country's languages, both living and extinct, how many people speak each language there and each country's official language(s). View world sign languages for the deaf. See Web links.


MLA Modern Language Association Language Map
Click a location on the interactive US map to see which languages are spoken there and by how many people. Also, search by state, county, city, town or zip code to learn which languages and how many speakers of each are found there. The site is limited to the 30 most common languages.

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World Newspapers

News Link
Find international newspapers (also magazines, radio and TV) arranged by region then by country or state (US).
TravLang Travel & Language Center
See online news, magazines, journals and other electronic print formats worldwide. Information is arranged by language then by country.
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World Radio Online


Find radio station Web pages by city, zip, state, call letters or Internet streaming radio. Also find World radio lists arranged by country, station format or frequency.
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World Search Engines

Search Engine Colossus
Here are links to search engines used in other countries.

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World TV Online

International Television Broadcasts
Find online TV in over 14 major languages

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ASL- American Sign Language
American Sign Language Browser
See video clips of thousands of ASL signs.
Learn Sign Language
Local and regional courses.
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Dictionaries and Thesauruses

The Alpha Dictionary Site
Search over 900 online dictionaries at once. Find the most often mispronounced or misspelled words, games and featured words.

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Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

One Across
Type a clue and a word pattern to see a list of possible words.

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Reverse Dictionary

OneLook Dictionary Search
Describe a concept; get back a list of possible words.

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Rhyming Dictionaries

Rhymer by WriteExpress
Look up end rhymes, double rhymes, last syllable rhymes, beginning rhymes and first syllable rhymes.
Find rhymes of numerous syllables, related words, similar sounding words and related words.

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This is Roget's online thesaurus. Find synonyms (similar words) and antonyms (opposites) for words.
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ESL English as a Second Language/Learn English

OIC Literacy Program - Exton
Learn English pronunciation, spelling, office skills, TOEFL preparation and more using computer programs. The Chester County OIC Program sponsors this computer-assisted instruction at the Chester County Library. (610) 280-2618

Chester County OIC
Offering four levels of instruction with both day and evening classes, CC-OIC instructs non-native English speakers from the very beginner to the advanced student who is thinking about entering post-secondary education.
Volunteer English Program in Chester County - many locations
Volunteer tutors teach the English language and American culture to adult immigrants. Sessions are twice a week for 1 ½ hours/session for a year.
Chester County Department of Human Services Resource Database
Community providers that offer English as a Second Language.
Dave's ESL Café
Students will find links to tutors who will answer questions, idioms, verb phrases, pronunciation, slang and more. Teachers will find links to ideas, jobs, advanced degrees, certification and more.
Subscribe to free, daily English as a Second Language podcasts. Additional materials are available for sale.
Voice of America
VOA is an international multimedia broadcasting service funded by the US government. Listen online to informational, educational and cultural programs in English and 47 other languages.
Voice of America Special English
The Special English used by Voice of America consists of 1500 words. Stories are made up of simple sentences using no idioms or passive verbs. They are read at a slow pace. Text for each story is on
the Internet.
BBC World Service Learning English
Learn grammar and vocabulary. Listen to radio programs and download supporting material. Watch videos, do interactive exercises and get tips about pronunciation. Use the links to other sites about learning English.
Chester County Night School
Read about foreign language lessons for adults in the area.
Find foreign language classes near you.
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Online Etymology Dictionary
What is the earliest written record of an English word? What are its origins?

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Global English
Overviews English Language
This site includes statistics, geographic distribution of English, list of countries where English is the official language and variants of English (Airspeak, Policespeak, European English, Simplified English used by the Voice of America).
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Standard English, Varieties, Dialects and Accents

The Standard Language of a country is the official or "most correct" language that is found in dictionaries, taught in schools, used in courts and in literature.

Varieties are forms that are different than the standard in a systematic and coherent way. Ex. Slang, Jargon, Cockney, African-American Vernacular English, etc.
A variety of English used by a group living in the same region is a dialect. People speaking the same dialect are using the same pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar as one another. Ex. Caribbean English, Canadian English, Australian English, etc.
Accents develop in particular geographic areas, within socio-economic or ethnic groups or by those speaking the language as their second language. Hearing people from around the world reading the same passage conveys their accents. American English
Read about American English Phonology, Differences between British English and American English, English Words that Arose in the US , Words that are Obsolete Outside the US and Regional Differences in the US .
Do You Speak American? Topics on this site include American Varieties, Standard American, Official American, Correct American, Language as Prestige, Language Prejudice, Mass Media and Technology Spotlight. Listen to the audio quiz and see if you can identify where the speaker comes from. Regional Dialects of English Speakers
Read about British English, Indian English, South African English and other English dialects worldwide. Regional Accents of English Speakers
Some examples of regional accents are the New Zealand accent, the Jamaican accent, the Hiberno-English ( Ireland ) accent.
British Library/Archiva/Sound Recordings/Accents and Dialects
Hear over 680 accents and dialects from Great Britain .
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Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Grammar Slammer
This is a help file for English grammar with a table of contents.
There are lots of links to grammar sites here.
Owl Online Writing Lab
This site from Purdue University has handouts, exercises and Power Point presentations
on grammar and writing.
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New Words (Fun!)

The Word Spy
Learn new terms that have appeared multiple times in books, the media and the Internet.
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Phonetics Learn English effectively
Click a phonetic character and hear its sound as an American or as a British person would
pronounce it.

Peter Ladefoged A Course in Phonetics
Hear the sound for each phonetic symbol.
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Urban Dictionary
Browse or look up slang, chat or blog about it.
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TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language and TOEIC Test of English for International Communication 

Learn about the test. Prepare for the test by practicing questions from the site. Find a test center. Register for the test. Learn about getting your score.

Learning Express Library - TOEFL AND TOEIC Home Access requires a valid library barcode.
Register with the site (free.) In the serach box, type TOEFL or TOEIC. Practice for the tests. 
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