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Records for over 14 million U.S. public and private companies.

Create a free account to search for industrial suppliers, products, and companies in North America. This website was formerly known as the Thomas Register of Manufacturers.
Search for companies by name. Includes public and private companies. Subscriber only portions are denoted by a key icon.

Franchise Zone from Entrepreneur Magazine. Check out the Franchise500 for information on specific franchises.

Philadelphia Business Journal and BizJournals
Use to find articles written about local or national companies. Some content requires a subscription.
Better Business Bureau
Click on Check It Out Business to search for a reliability report. The local BBB is at The Better Business Bureau of Eastern PA.

Online directory of white and yellow pages. Search by company name or type.
Business Services from the National Association of Secretaries of State
Select the state where you want to do business to be taken to the webpage for their Secretary of State. Once there you can learn about necessary business filings and find additional information for business owners.

Statista: provides business, marketing, demographic, and economic data. Find statistical information, company dossiers, topical reports, and high-quality infographics. With an international focus, this resource offers statistics on a wide variety of industries and topics such as communications, education, health care, and hospitality.
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Green Business

Investigate ways to improve your business and help the environment.

A website with a mission to connect eco friendly companies and organizations throughout the world and inform visitors of their products and services.®
GreenBiz is the leading online news and information resource on how to align environmental responsibility with business success. It offers more than 8,000 resources, including feature stories, reports, checklists, case studies, and links to organizations and government agencies. Also contains both general and industry specific free e-newsletters
Consumer Reports
Consumer information and ratings for green products and services. Eco-Labels Center (on left side) has searchable database of green product labels, categories and certifiers.

DSIRE: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
Search this database to find state, local, utility and federal incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Green Business
Advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs on green business practices, sustainability, and environmentally friendly business practices.

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International Companies

World Industrial Reporter
Brings you the latest in industrial innovation. Industrial innovation covers product introductions, new materials & technologies, plant openings, enhanced manufacturing processes, and much more. Additional content on the World Industrial Reporter website will keep you informed on the latest trends in global markets, logistics, industrial tradeshows, and supplier sourcing.

Search for over 2.3 million companies worldwide by name or by type. Detailed information is available for a fee; contact information is usually free.

European business-to-business directory. Search by company name, product/service, or business sector.

An international directory of phone directories. 
Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada

Useful tools to research Canadian small business trends. This page also helps you to locate companies that can supply the goods, services and technology you need in Canada and includes information for starting a business in Canada.

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Local Companies
Searchable Corporations Database from the Pennsylvania Department of State. Search for businesses registered with the Corporation Bureau.

Many of the local Chamber groups maintain lists of members on their websites. Click here for a list of
Chester County Chambers.

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Private Companies

Privately held companies are not required to submit the same information to the government as public companies making it a little more difficult to find information on them. Directories and databases of private companies usually give basic information about the company: name, address, phone number, SIC or NAICS code, sales range, and employee range.

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Public Companies

EDGAR (SEC Filings and Forms)
Public companies are required to file information with the SEC. Use EDGAR to access these forms. This is a great resource for information on public companies.

Types of forms:
  • 8-K: current report listing important events to investors
  • 10-K: annual report filed with the SEC
  • 10-Q: quarterly report providing a continuing view of the company's financial position
Most public companies post annual reports on their websites. Search for the company's website directly using a search engine and look for information on Investors or Investor Relations to find the annual reports.

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