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Posted on: April 4, 2019

2019 Speaker Series: Cyberwar


Wars were once fought only between armies conscripted in time of need, and battles were once fought only in daylight and good weather. Every advance in technology eroded these constraints, permitting standing armies, twenty-four hour hostilities, and erasing distinctions between military and civilian targets. The advent of the global Internet and our dependence on information processing systems for nearly all aspects of modern economies has led to a constant and global state of conflict in which every one of us is unwittingly conscripted into a cyber army of unprecedented scope.

Lawrence Husick’s experience as a technology consultant, computer system designer, and  software author, as well as his career as an intellectual property lawyer and serial

entrepreneur give him a unique perspective on technology’s importance in international relations, war fighting, and terrorism. As a Foreign Policy Research Institute Senior Fellow and co-director of its Center for the Study of Terrorism, he applies his knowledge to the study of terrorist tactics and counter-terrorism strategies, with a particular focus on technology leverage as a defining characteristic of the modern terrorist.

The Speaker Series is FREE to the public. Registration is required. Please send an email to with the subject line: Speaker Series - May 7th

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