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Continuing Education Documentation Form

  1. Purpose of this Form
    All CCL Staff must submit this completed for each continuing education session and/or workshop she/he has attended. This includes County Orientation, CCL New Employee Orientation, Respectful Workplace, conferences, education sessions or workshops conducted by CCL, the County or an off-site provider.

    The information from this form is entered into the CCL Continuing Education database. From the dataset, a monthly report is generated and submitted to CC Human Resources Department and a quarterly report which is submitted to CCL Department heads. These reports are used for several purposes:

    - To meet the continuing education documentation requirement for the Library Code this is required so that the Library can receive State Aid.
    - To provide documentation for the County of Chester’s Performance Appraisal process.
  2. Please list the name of the course exactly as it appears in the catalog, brochure, etc.
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