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Suggestion for Purchase Form

  1. Form Instructions
    Thank you for your interest in requesting material for purchase. Use this form to submit your suggestion. Please supply as much information as possible. Be sure to check our online catalog before submitting the form as the item may already be owned by the Chester County Library System.

    Titles that are suggested will be considered by the library where you have requested to pick up the item. While the library cannot guarantee to purchase all requested items, each request will be considered in conjunction with the library's material selection/collection development policy. If your item is purchased, a hold will be placed for you when the item is ordered or arrives. If your item is not purchased, you will be notified.

    Please note: most of the libraries only order materials 2-3 months in advance of the publication date. If you are requesting an item that will be published further in advance, your hold may not be placed until 2-3 months prior to publication.
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